Is your Doctor giving you enough time for Consultation ?

A factor to be considered Important as it plays an important role  in accurate diagnosis by the Doctor.

This is according to a recent study published in BMJ Medical Journal. The same highlighted in today’s Times of India, Mumbai.

As per Study (Source: Times of India), Developed Countries doctors tend to give more time for consultation to patients. Whereas in India it shorts down to only 2 mins. 


The findings of the study published in BMJ medical Journal  were as Summarized by Times of India were:

Capture 2

In Primary health care center and Government Hospitals such longer consultation time for one patient is difficult due to number of patients being too high in India.

However, the private set up in India still has some better Consultation times to offer. As a point to offer: Spend some more time communicating with your doctors about your health issues. #DidYouAsk

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