Know your teeth – Incisors

In Know Your teeth series – we try to explain our teeth based on their shape, position and function. 

What is Incisor ?

A narrow-edged tooth at the front of the mouth, adapted for cutting. In humans there are four incisors in each jaw. (Definition from Google)

Function ?

Cutting and shearing food. Aesthetics (looks).


How many ?

An adult human has 4 upper incisors and 4 lower incisors. The 2 in the center are called as Central incisors and 2 in the side of central incisors are called as Lateral Incisor. 

When do they erupt ? 

Central Incisors (lower): 6- 7 years

Lateral Incisors (lower): 7-8 years

Central Incisors (upper): 7-8 years

Lateral Incisors (upper):  – 8-9 years


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