Types of Cavities

3 types of Decay

Cavity or Decay are basically of 3 types giving you symptoms ranging from mild black discoloration to cavitation to sensitivity to pain to swelling.

Depending on extent of spread of decay there are 3 types of decay.

  1. DECAY INVOLVING ONLY ENAMEL: Such type of decay is usually asymptomatic – with mild blackness or change in color with little sensitivity. Ideal for prevention simply by filling it.
    1. Symptom – Mild discoloration to little sensitivity  
    2. Rx – Filling
  2. DECAY INVOLVING ENAMEL AND DENTIN: When the decay spread to the middle layer – dentin.
    1. Symptom – Sensitivity (localized) to cold, Pain in certain cases
    2. Rx – Filling
  3. DECAY INVOLVING ENAMEL, DENTIN AND PULP: Decay spreads to innermost layer.
    1. Symptom – Often painful, in certain cases when the nerves are dead – there is no symptom, Few cases there may be swelling and pus accumulation
    2. Rx – Root canal followed by Cap.


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