5 Tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy : Happy Children’s Day

5 simple tips to maintain your child’s teeth in Healthy condition. Prevention is always better than cure. 


Always Remember ! 

  1. Your child get their first teeth after/at 6 months. They are the lower incisors that erupt first.
  2. For baby and toddlers use a Wet cloth or special wipes to wipe down the surface of the gums after meals. There should not be any milk left in the oral cavity once the baby falls asleep.
  3. After age of 3 children are ready to brush with a children’s brush
  4. Use a child fluoridated tooth paste to prevent decay. Dental Sealants can prevent decay in permanent teeth of your young ones.
  5. Children learn from their parents – So parents need to set an example in maintenance of Oral hygiene. Make your child visit to a dentist regularly.



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