Make sure you don’t have a Dental Problem while you are busy preparing for Exams – Here’s few tips.

With exams on and students busy with worries and exam preparation – A Dental problem at this time can often be a nightmare. 

Take a reading and follow this simple tips so you can clear the exams without any dental issues .

What are the dental problems that you / your child can encounter during Exams ?

  1. Ulcerations in Oral Cavity – commonly refered to as “Muh ke Chaley / Muh ana ” as per local Hindi terms. This is commonly associated with less nutrition and MORE STRESS.
  2. Tooth Pain: This can be the most painful situation and can distract one completely from studies.
  3. Other Minor Problems:
    1. Bad odor: Due to lack of brushing and less sleep.
    2. Bleeding gums: Stress and less time for Brushing can lead to it.



  1. Do not skip meals. Have food properly.
  2. Avoid Chocolates – may give you temporary mood boosts but may precipitate a pain if you are having a tooth decay that was unattended. In Case pain starts a Paracetamol (Crocin) after food is fine for the time being. Acute cases might require to visit a dentist locally.
  3. Brushing is neglected during this period. So a better substitute should be a Mouthwash during this times – it just takes 5 seconds to swish around the liquid.
  4. In case if you develop Ulcers – Calm Down – Its only an exam. You can apply Mucopain Topical anesthetic gels on small ulcers in oral cavity.


Remember, Simple things can avoid major problems. 


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