How do you know if your teeth are decaying ?

Dental Caries in India is quiet prevalent. Every 6 out of 10 individuals have some form of decay in their oral cavity. It is only when we have severe pain we realise that our teeth have decayed and by that time its already too late and visiting a dentist becomes necessary.

Signs to look for if you are having dental decay (Caries)

  1. Visual Examination: Probably the most simplest – Look in the mirror and check of any black brown spots or cavitation.Note that this is not the perfect way to diagnose – let your dentist decide that not all brown/ black color spots are decay preview-19333010-650x341-98-1517608698
  2. Food Lodgement ? : Do you find food getting stuck in between or in your teeth everytime you have something and you have ti take pains to manually remove it ? – Its one of the indication that your teeth might be getting decayed.Related image
  3. Sensitivity ? : Are you having sensitivity to Hot or cold food or even little water. Note that sensitivity has to be localised unlike generalised sensitivity you may be having (as it may be due to some other causes)Image result for sensitivity
  4. Pain to sweet food: Any pain to food especially sweet is an indicator that you may be having a decay. Pain short or continous nature either of them can be indication of dental caries.Image result for tooth ache

Caution !

These are all the signs you should check for if you are having a decay. The final diagnosis and confirmation can only be made by your Dentist. So, Dont hesitate to visit yoru dentist if you are having any of this signs.

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